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Design Concept

With an international five-star team involved in two years of planning and construction, an exquisite hotel of unparalleled elegance was completed in April of 2009 in the “most low profile manner.” Featuring software and hardware of quality and substance, the hotel incorporates elements such as “crystal,” “glass” and “mirrors” to achieve a spacious, comfortable style with a touch of English elegance and fashionable tastes. The Crystal Resort comes with a moderate-sized but magnificent lobby, guestrooms with excellent views, romantic and exquisite restaurants, chic bars, recreational facilities that extend to the wharf and so more. No matter where you are at the hotel, you will witness touches of class and taste that have been painstakingly designed. No cost has been spared in the construction of the hotel so that we can offer the best accommodation for travelers in pursuit of the finest experience.


Star of Sun Moon Lake

Featuring unique design, extravagant equipment and facilities, The Crystal Resort is located at a prime location in the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area with unobstructed view of the lake. Coupled with high quality software/hardware services and efforts by the management, The Crystal Resort became an official member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) organization from 2009 to 2015. It was the only five-star hotel in the entire Sun Moon Lake area (and central/southern Taiwan) to be chosen to became a member of the SLH. And now The Crystal Resort is the first Taiwanese member of Luxury Hotels Group (LHG) which represents a collection of the most luxurious hotels around the world. Much loved by in-the-know guests as a romantic retreat for couples or cosy family getaway, The Crystal Resort is gaining a reputation for its innovative restaurant serving a blend of Western and Chinese dishes tailored to the tastes of every guest. Beyond that, its friendly, attentive staff and unbeatable location, perfectly placed for a holiday of pure relaxation and total peace with views of the sparkling lake and misty green hills.


Sincere dedication

Under the brilliant sun, the ripples of Sun Moon Lake look like waves of emerald; in the moonlight, Sun Moon Lake appears to be lit by countless lights. The lucid waters and breathtaking view glitter with a pure and natural luster, just like a crystal.

Sleep well all night

With a professional staff to deliver customized services, every detail at The Crystal Resort was designed to present the most beautiful view of Sun Moon Lake and the soothing lifestyle that comes from residing by the lake to all guests. Here at The Crystal Resort, we not only endeavor to offer an unforgettable lodging experience that will touch the senses and assist couples to relight the spark of passion, but also do our very best to create the best environment for travelers to relieve their burdens and relax.The Crystal Resort wishes to grow together with travelers in their paths of life.
The Crystal Resort offers the best that life can offer!