• Sun Moon Lake




The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is a renowned natural lake in Taiwan. Situated at an elevation of 760 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains, Sun Moon Lake is the largest inland lake in Taiwan and offers picturesque views. A variety of edible fish that are well-known for their flavor can be found in the water. The scenery by the lake, which varies throughout the day, is something that has to be witnessed to be believed. Sun Moon Lake sits right at the center of Taiwan; if we were to take Sun Moon Lake of Nantou County as the center of an imaginary circle, it is connected to Hsincheng Village of Yuchih Township to the north, Tingkan Village of Shueili Township to the south, Shuishe Tashan to the east and Chichi Tashan to the west, covering a total area of approximately 9,000 hectares. One can see numerous hills covered with greenery in the area and stunning views of mountains connected to bodies of water. The area is most renowned for the landscape of Sun Moon Lake and experience the culture of the Thao (a Taiwanese aboriginal group). In fact, Sun Moon Lake has long been named one of the "Eight Scenic Wonders of Taiwan" and it is a world-famous attraction. Here at Sun Moon Lake, visitors can board a boat to cruise the lake, stroll along nature trails, cycle around the lake, embark on a trip of ecological observation or experience Thao culture. Sun Moon Lake has numerous tourist sights and visitors can get to each of them by taking the ferry from the wharfs. If you feel like shopping, check out the shopping streets at Shueishe Wharf and Ita Thao Wharf.