• Recommended Itinerary



Recommended Itinerary

Two day tour

Arrive at Sun Moon Lake → Crystal Resort 【Ita Thao】→ Visit the Butterfly Ecology Park at the Youth Activity Center → Syuanzang Temple → Cihen Pagoda

Breakfast → Boat cruise → Peacock Garden → Wunwu Temple → Shueishe Business District → Hanbi Hiking Trail → Mt. Maolan Hiking Trail → Shueishe Dam → Shueili-Chichi trail → Return to Crystal Resort

Best sights to visit in the morning:

See the entire Sun Moon Lake from Cihen Pagoda, Mt. Maolan, Shueishe Dam, or watch the sunrise from Chaowu Wharf, take a leisurely morning stroll at Hanbi Peninsula, Shueishe Lakeside Trail.

Best sights to visit in the evening:

Ita Thao, watch the sunset from Cihen Pagoda, Dajhuhu Hiking Trail, Tutingzai Hiking Trail.

Best sights to visit at night:

Ita Thao Wharf, Shueishe Wharf, star gazing from Cihen Pagoda, Meihe Garden, enjoy the night scenery from the temples, Shueishe Dam.